All-American Jerky Fundraising

For Sports, School, Non-Profit and Church Fundraising

All-American Jerky’s fundraiser options are a great way to raise money for whatever expenses your group may have. Just give us a call or shoot us an email to [email protected] to get complete details!

All-American Jerky fundraising can work with schools, clubs and many other organizations! We make fundraising simple and easy. With All-American Jerky’s fundraising there is no hassle and big profits!


    • Programs are customized to fit your organization
    • No refrigeration required
    • 3 Flavors Available

All-American Jerky 1.5oz Snack Stick Fundraiser

$12.00/12 Pack Sack – 1.5oz Snack Sticks – $1.00 each – 1 flavor per 12 pack

Choose from: Sweet & Spicy, BBQ and Jalapeno

Recommended Selling Price for all products is $2.00 each or $24.00 per 12 count pack sack

Prices subject to change without notice and are based on orders being picked up from our location.

For orders that need to be shipped, there will be a $7.90 shipping and handling fee per 12 Pack Sack or $19.95 per 120 count Case.

Sports Fundraisers

  • Baseball Fundraiser
  • Basketball Fundraiser
  • Cheerleading Fundraiser
  • Football Fundraiser
  • Hockey Fundraiser
  • Little League Fundraiser
  • Soccer Fundraiser
  • Softball Fundraiser
  • Volleyball Fundraiser
  • Tennis Fundraiser

School Fundraisers

  • Band Fundraiser
  • Booster Fundraiser
  • Catholic School Fundraiser
  • College Fundraiser
  • Daycare Fundraiser
  • Elementary School Fundraiser
  • Graduation Fundraiser
  • High School Fundraiser
  • Library Fundraiser
  • Middle School Fundraiser
  • Preschool Fundraiser
  • PTA/PTO Fundraiser


Non-Profit Fundraisers

  • Adoption Fundraiser
  • Animal Shelter Fundraiser
  • Breast Cancer Fundraiser
  • Cancer Fundraiser
  • Charity Fundraiser
  • Family Reunion Fundraiser
  • Fund for Walk Fundraiser
  • People to People Fundraiser
  • Relay for Life Fundraiser
  • Reunion Fundraiser
  • Scouts Fundraiser
  • Special Causes Fundraiser
  • Team in Training Fundraiser
  • Youth Fundraiser

Church Fundraisers

  • Catholic Youth Fundraiser
  • Christian Fundraiser
  • Choir Fundraiser
  • Church Fundraiser
  • Mission Trip Fundraiser
  • Youth Group Fundraiser

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